Please note that following the approval from your supervisor professor , the request must be submitted no later than four weeks before the submission deadline expires. Examinations on the compulsory courses are held for the first time in the so-called first year examinations during the examination period at the end of the second semester. Earning credits means passing the examination, not just attending the course. Language courses do not count towards this total and two-thirds of the courses have to be in the course catalogue of the programs in D-MAVT. The student has to work out a research plan with his advisor especially for literature research fixed meetings have to be scheduled.

Julian Zilly, Andrea Censi. Alessandro Zanardi, Andrea Censi. From time to time, project supervisors will develop custom student research projects to fit with a student’s particular interests or skills. The latest date of registration on myStudies is one month after start. The Chair of Micro and Nanosystems, Prof. More in the media. Focus Project 14 credit points Courses, individually defined by the project coordinator 6 credit points Requirements:

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Nature Communications, Claudio U. For the recognition of the completed Workshop Training, following documents must be uploaded to the internship application: Melanie ZeilingerSomil Bansal. Engineering Tool-courses impart important computer-aided methods.

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The Chair of Micro and Nanosystems, Prof. This year’s Master’s Graduation Ceremony took place on 10 May Researchers at ETH have developed a new 3D printing technique by which objects made of several metals can be produced with high spatial resolution. The presentation date and report deadline have to be arranged in this meeting.


Design, fabricate, and characterize an analog readout readout circuit for the developed high-precision resonant pressure sensor. The event will take place from 27 to 29 September at the Technopark Zurich. The Master level is taught in English. Navigation Area Current Subcategory: Find more jobs, internships or summer schools on our notice board. Teams of 3 to 8 students work during two semesters on the realisation of a product. There are more courses offered during the Fall Semester than during the Spring Semester If the catalogue for a future semester is not published yet, you may assume that the offer will be similar to that of the previous year Most courses for exchange students are offered in the third year of the Bachelor’s and in the first year of the Master’s Programs Some courses, such as Engineering Tools, Laboratory Practice, Focus Project, Workshop Training and Industrial Internship are not available to exchange students due to space limitations In addition, incoming students may not attend the compulsory courses from the first two years of study 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semesters.

The reasons why the doctoral thesis should be pursued outside ETH and in the company. The title of the doctoral thesis. D-MAVT expects exchange students to perform well and have a command of the language of the chosen courses.

Tax flights to support teaching A student, a doctoral student and a professor of D-MAVT explain how a sustainable teaching project emerged from the ETH initiative to reduce air travel.


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Bachelor Theses – Micro- and Nanosystems | ETH Zurich

Microcontaminants place a considerable burden on our water courses, but removing them from wastewater requires considerable technical resources. Thermal actuators for suspended carbon nanotube resonators. Electives increase theoretical and methodological aspects thdsis fundamental knowledge. Process Technology and Integration Lecturers: Alessandro Zanardi, Jacopo Tani.

bachelor thesis mavt ethz

In addition, students are taught mvt methodology required to conduct research in the disciplines of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering. Modeling and simulation of advanced carbon nanotube sensors. Those who wish to pursue a research project at ETH Zurich are responsible themselves for organizing an appropriate project and a supervisor from an institute or laboratory.

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering – Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering | ETH Zurich

The name and function of an experienced and qualified person at the external institution who supervises the student at the external institution. Information on the registration process and deadlines may be found here. Please note that the decision of whether to develop a custom student project is at the full discretion of the project supervisor. How to Apply Review available projects below.

In the fourth and fifth semesters, students will be offered various opportunities for Laboratory Practice. Bi-metallic ferritin for targeted SWNT synthesis.