Fix file association errors De Montfort University Open Online Payment Your student number and date of birth are required as validation to use the payments system. If you encounter any problems, please contact your hub. Evidence simply confirming the long-term condition without mention of any changes is normally insufficient. Will my work be marked online? Further evidence may be requested for ECs where the student has been been affected for over a week. Where this is not possible, sufficient detail should be submitted so that the likely effects can be reasonably inferred. DMU Library Site of it as though it were one’s own in assessed coursework.

The marker flags any assessments they feel have exceeded the word limit to the Learning and Teaching Service. Vision, your work is printed off and given to the markers in hard copy. Fill in the form below to request a coursework extension. Will electronic submission mean that I will get my marked work back later than with paper submission? I have an extension for a piece of work. How can I check this?

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Submission Guidelines The following is a guide to the understanding the rules governing UEA submission of coursework. Your module organiser will inform you if your coursework is to be submitted via this route. Here is the Academic Appeals Procedure if you are considering this.


Material in the appendix or bibliography is not included. When you upload your work on to e: My module is set up for electronic submission but I want to submit a paper copy. Do I print my work single- or double-sided? This limit is in place cuorsework ensure that the system works efficiently and should be large enough for the majority of coursework assignments.

Vision, you can upload the correct file any time up to the deadline; uploading a new file overwrites uda file you previously uploaded. If your circumstances arise within 7 days of the submission deadline, or you are otherwise unable to submit your request at. Guide to the Harvard System of Referencing 4 A good academic will use a reference list to assess the validity and quality of a piece of.

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I handed in my work early, courseworl my e: If usa module assignment is set up for electronic submission, you should submit your work only electronically. All work handed in after the deadline should be handed in by the same method as those submitted before the deadline.

Current works on Campus. Photographs, prescriptions or admissions records should be supported, where possible and relevant, by evidence from a suitable health professional detailing these effects. Book a Meeting Room. International Students Advice and Support. How should I submit them?

Extenuating Circumstances – UEA

Book a Meeting Room. DMU extension, or if you want to find a. IsoBuster VerifiedProgram has been verified by file. You will be given deadlines and relevant details for the submission of your work by your module.


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Security – Report an Incident. Electronic submissions are printed out in black and white unless your Module Organiser has specifically requested colour printing.

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However, coursewkrk it is unavoidable, please make sure your registration number and module code is on your work. There are University regulations on how coursework is submitted and processed at the university.

Types of Coursework Coursework assessment is a key part of your academic life. Request for Coursework Extension including in-class tests Student Number: Wellbeing Resources for Staff.

Book a Meeting Room.

coursework extension uea

Log an IT Enquiry. This limit is in place to ensure that the system works efficiently and should be large enough for the majority of coursework assignments.

What should I include in my word count?

coursework extension uea

Will electronic submission mean that I will get my marked work back later ocursework with paper submission? Blank paper hardcopies of the coversheet are available at your Hub.