While the kitchen table might seem at first like a nice, flat surface for them to spread out their work, it is also a high traffic family center, and this is to be avoided. Upon acceptance, he gave the commencement address John Rosemond has worked with families, children, and parents since in the field of family psychology. Pull out your own homework, and send a powerful message that you never outgrow learning. What projects are coming up that need to be planned for? The style of writing is easy to read- he writes as if he is talking to you.

I wish that he had given more space to those alterations as this is part of the hassle with my son. My sister has a son with behavioral school issues. This sounds a little crazy, but for kids with sensory intensities, and even those without, changing into really comfy clothes can help. User Review – Flag as inappropriate I found this book informative, even though my son is a GATE student and on the honor roll, I’m not currently having problems. You follow and find out about their day.

I also like that he is not one of those “heart felt problem” kind of writers that talk about the stresses that today’s kids have and how we should be more involved with them so this kind of thing is prevented. He is one of the busiest and most popular speakers in the field, giving more than talks a year to parent and professional groups nationwide. Actually read the website and newsletter, if they exist.

Ending the Homework Hassle

In this helpful guide, Rosemond warns against parental interference and demonstrates ways to help children learn to work on enving own and to take responsibility for getting the work done themselves. Stop checking to see what homework there is. With regard to the question of playing popular music while doing homework, according to Rosemond this is perfectly fine provided it does not interfere with their grades. For example, if parents say that homework is to be completed by 8pm, then all homework is to be put away at that time whether it is finished or not.


Routine also includes what kids are wearing. This would be great hhassle any teacher or parent who has children struggling in school. My kids are older now the youngest is 17but I picked this up for two reasons.

You return with a healthy snack and find your child, pencil in hand, book open and concentrating on their work.

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Recent Posts Interview with a Gifted Kid: Being smart is no get-out-of-work free card. If your child has executive functioning struggles, homework will definitely bring those issues to the surface. Homework can be one of the most frustrating of all problem areas for chidlren and parents. They can have an existential crisis over a single sheet of math facts practice. If homework time at your house involves screaming, cajoling, whining, crying, and complaining, all set around the dinner table to the background music of whiny younger siblings, noise from the television and the smells and sounds of dinner burning — take heed.

ending homework hassle john rosemond

Removing the pushback can allow the child to feel less backed into a corner. One key cause of rebellion against homework is that kids especially our GT kiddos struggle to find value in the homework. Gifted Guru is a website hoomework to sharing information and resources with parents and teachers of gifted children.

The suggestions and ideas of developing intangible character qualities in your children is quite timely as the national discussion about setting children up for success in life include many of the character qualities which are developed when parents create the scaffolds and supportsfor their children to do homework independently.


Amy rated it really liked it Dec 07, This teaches children good time management skills and might even offer them the possibility of a little family time between homework and bedtime.

ending homework hassle john rosemond

You smile and see your child as the successful, responsible, independent student you always hoped they could be, because you know exactly how to help with homework from now on. Notify me of new posts by email. You follow and find out about their day. Some of them were common sense having an area dedicated to homework but some were novel to me setting a stopping time for homework instead of a starting time. Consider if this is really the best place for your child to do homework.

The relationship is the most important thing, always. Back Off — This is often the most difficult step for parents. I think it needs an updated edition.

11 Tips for Ending the Homework Battle

Want to Read saving…. Charts and checklists can help kids with executive functioning, but also just with general homework management. Your child comes home from school and rather than handing you their backpack, as if it is somehow your rosemobd, they carry it straight to their room. Return to Book Page. Parents can practice when kids are practicing.