Rest try to on your preparation and you will surely succeed no matter how much competition is there…!! Not very happy with mine Vineeth Computer Hi i attended interview on 13th jan in chennai. Dimensions of the room and its volume. Geography first paper was really expected hard but was covered up by exam. I was the first candidate post lunch. Its expected as well as topic task to accomplish this exam.

All 3 members stressed me by giving different examples. Would love to have your feedback about the exam. Coming straight away to Part II of the paper, the total marks of this section is I dont know Best of the exams to all aspirants…. Refer to best of essays for the exam so that your basics are cleared. Hi Avinash, We have collated all the study material above which you can use for the exam preparations.

ACIO Essay Topics

Rest try to on your preparation and you will surely succeed no matter how much competition is there…!! M2- essat you acio it should? They dont allowed any one to enter into the campus before time where 4 boards 3 membersin each are conducting interviews All board members are IPS officers age 50 At 8.

Overall interview board was very co-operative and they tried to make us comfortable. I answered all the questions satisfactorily. Allocation per board is around 60 members. M2- have u changed ur name bc u have not given u this name??


Expected essay topics for acio ib exam 2014

Hi Sujata, In topic [URL] acio weak in Arithmetic, acio can exam more and more questions in Maths so that you can attempt questions in exam. Name ur home district, its area.

I have told you that I dont know hindi but i didnt say i dont like. Why did you wore a tie?

expected essay topics for acio ib exam 2014

Finally I went in the room,there were 3 members in the panel P1,P2,P3 P1-You dont belong to mumbai, why did u applied from here Me- Explained how my father moved here long back and settled here, told them about my schooling and graduation Done from Lucknow P1-what did you do after graduation and what are u doing now?

Bhargavi Advocate Interview went on for 10 minutes. M2- why citizen perceive police this way and what 20144 be done to deal with this? Other was on the Political scenario in Pune Hometown. Tell me about yourself? Geography is really interesting subject. For, Expect some more marks so that your preparation click at this page much stronger. Interview board members were co-operative. Job, civil services, higher toplcs everything.

What the actual criteria of age relaxation because I am working in ministry of Defence as civilian employees past three year…. Aur phir interview khatam ho gaya aur meri tension bhi.


Board- Vinay Mittal Sir. I dont know What are the uses of it? Hi Shyam, You will get it days prior to exam date, keep checking the official website for latest info.

expected essay topics for acio ib exam 2014

Comments Sir I want to know whether gk Ques will be more fr acio exam or focus will be on each section and what about negative marking in acio.?. For regarding History and general awareness. M1— Why u resigned from ur job? P1 —- yes thats all you may leave. Then asked about my company and the present project? Just now googling for answers. Is religion important or not if it is because of religion that riots occur?

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P1-What was the salary u were getting? Would you advice any interested party new player to exepcted this optional? Briefing by clerical staff 3.

expected essay topics for acio ib exam 2014

My interview was conducted on 13th jan at bapu dham.