When you indicate sources cited, please put them concisely. I hope that we can all contribute more ideas for the next round and enjoy the essay competition as well! On the other hand, protectionist movements also have been emerging, criticizing free trade for giving rise to increases in economic disparity and unemployment. Find Essay Competitions by: The award winners from abroad will be provided with a round trip air ticket to Tokyo, Japan to attend the award ceremony to be held on January 5,

The world has undergone revolutionary changes in how technologies are innovated. Indeed, this competition has a great stage for us to voice our views and opinions on the current challenges faced by Japan and it is wonderful that JFTC has invited participants from all over the world to contribute their ideas regardless of nationalities and age. What innovation or industries should be fostered to stimulate the Japanese economy in the medium- and long-term and how can we achieve it? Students should study both the liberal arts and the sciences. Free trade aims to achieve economic development by promoting free transactions of goods and services in a global economy which is becoming increasingly interdependent. Thus, also in overseas, it is an efficient strategy to fuse the innovation of the market with the technological innovations by the small- and medium-sized manufacturers, to meet the potential demand of the market, to stimulate potential economic growth.

While the quest for turning a trade deficit to a surplus might take decades, that does not mean Cool Japan is not successful.

jftc essay competition 2013

I look forward to reading future winning essays as part of my educational benefits. I am deeply grateful to the JFTC for organizing the competition. If your dream is to be a writer and influence the world, the theoretical and practical insights the author provides have the power to convert your dream to reality.

One of the main concerns for Japan now is her stagnating economic situation.


JFTC is sponsoring JFTC International Essay Competition to encourage students, young researchers and commpetition people to express their opinions on matters of national and international importance.

As a essaay, growing arguments are being made on both sides for the advantages and disadvantages of a free trade system. Please read the FAQ page or contact the organizer by email at kouhou jftc.

And although Japan enjoys a high standard of living, her GDP per capita is only ranked 31st in the world. She has to view human resource as compegition best resource and optimise this precious resource. This essay discusses the feasibility of Cool Japan Strategy in contributing to Japan economically in medium and long term jfyc and also the various concerns and roles played by government, businesses and individual respectively.

Award winners will be publicly announced on December 8, But by the s, the innovation model started to shift to universities and startup companies. We welcome your proposals regarding the course of direction that Japan should take and specific strategies to revitalize its economy and contribute to the global economy.

This is especially the case in the medical services, nursing care and health care sectors. Ideally, all stakeholders should positively and responsibly come together, and connect openly with the shared goal of making their local communities, society and the world a better place. In this essay, I have identified a few jvtc industries, polices and capacity building ideas which will be what Japan can excel in and what the world needs.

About Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin Writer. Find Essay Competitions by: As evidenced by the successful partnership of Stanford University and Silicon Valley, this 21st innovation model has achieved great success.

jftc essay competition 2013

When the result of the evaluation is announced, the name of the team is publicized. Along with economical stagnation, Japan still faces social and ecological problems as well, which range from declining fertility, suicide rate, aging population to the lack of work-life balance. What is the course and strategy then that Japan should take, to find a new area of growth in the Japanese economy and to make an international contribution, when international compettiion domestic societies are changing under globalization?


jftc essay competition 2013

It was a truly competotion experience for me, the whole process of writing the essay, meeting the other winners and socializing with various professionals. The award-winners from abroad will be provided with a round trip air ticket to Tokyo, Japan to attend the award ceremony to be held on January 8, In addition, this competition goes beyond academic research and excellence, for it is essaay an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded peers from across the world.

JFTC Essay Competition

Your innovative ideas are welcomed. If the number of the words, including diagram or charts, is less than half of 4, words or more than the limitation, such work could be disqualified. Winner, 11 Writing Prizes. In order to overcome these challenges, more growth in innovation will be needed. English 2, words or Japanese 5, characters.

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Being a Hub will mean that Japan will be the most advanced and connected nation and she will shape the future direction of the world. Students should study both the liberal arts and the sciences. Essau can Japan contribute to the stable and sustainable development of the global economy?

Japan is filled with a sense of stagnation.