If you are wondering whether this is really a problem, take a look in the coursework receipting office and see how many assignments languish uncollected…. A departmental or subject feedback strategy will help you to make links between assessments on different units. These reports will cover areas such as administration and procedures, assessments, student performance, good practice and enhancement. The ambitious deadline was to deliver a brand new, technology-supported first year for September with the new second year starting September and the new final year September As making a copy in this case would be difficult, students would need to know in advance that they will not receive their work back until after the exam board has met. They are normally academics or staff members at another UK university. I have students demanding ‘second marking’ – what should I do about this?

You could give out the feedback without the mark. Your Programme Leader is responsible for responding to the External Examiner regarding issues raised. Electronic submissions are normally returned to students using the same tool with which they were submitted for marking. You can find details of your Subject External Examiners in your course handbook or via Moodle. Commenting on a series of research studies on feedback, Chris Rust has observed that: Space does not permit a detailed analysis of each type here, but help is certainly available from the Centre for Learning and Teaching with the implementation of any of these examples which may be unfamiliar to you. The important thing in either case is to explain to students what will happen to their work and what they can expect to get back from you.

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Some markers in my team write lots of comments and others just write ‘good’ – how can we deal with this situation? Even when the feedback is collected, many tutors suspect that some students focus more on the mark than on their carefully prepared feedback.

This might mean holding a meeting once marking is complete at the end of the academic year as most programme teams do in any case to produce some generic feedback across all assignments which will be discussed with classes at the beginning of the next year.

We all do a lot of marking, frequently under great pressure, coureework you should be open to the possibility that you have missed something which would have altered your judgement, but do not let a student bully you into changing your mind. However, in practice, examination scripts are not returned to students; also, students may no longer be ckursework to receive feedback once marking and moderation are complete, as exams are usually at the end of the academic year.


Mmj is not an exhaustive list, nor is it in any particular order.

A guide for Post-Compulsory Education feedbacck, Sage and if you think of it in that sense, it should contain: MMU guidance on Submitting. Commenting on a series of research studies on feedback, Chris Rust has observed that: It is not your responsibility to make the report available to the other students on your course, although you can direct them to it if you wish.

Of course the decision will depend on the type of assignment.

mmu coursework feedback

If there is clearly a problem with spelling, grammar or structure then you need to point the student towards more systematic support. The maximum number of summative assignments per student is now 8 per year, including examinations. The first thing to do is to discuss the mark individually with the coursewofk and to explain how you arrived at your judgement mmy reference to the assignment brief, the unit learning outcomes and the assessment criteria.

There is a surprising variety of practice here across the University.

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All students are entitled to feedback on their work, which should: MMU guidance on Returning marks and feedback. External Examiners are independent specialists who assess the quality of the learning and teaching provision on your subject or programme of study. Let them know to what degree they have managed to achieve the unit learning feeedback, and make some suggestions on what they should concentrate on in future assignments. If students are just making one or two errors then you can just highlight these coursewoork suggest that they take more care in checking in future assignments.

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Winter and Dye thought that a better engagement with students about feedback might be the key to an improvement. If you have more than one assignment in a unit, then you could offer marks in the second assignment for showing evidence of having acted on feedback from the first assignment – see Try allocating marks for acting on previous feedback feeddback the Try something section.

There are a couple of different approaches that can be used. MMU encourages students to reflect on their own performance and make themselves a personal fedback plan for the future, as well as requiring tutors to reflect on the effectiveness of each part of the assessment cycle from setting courseworkk the return of work. Your feedback strategy could indicate which form of feedback will be used in which situations and give a rough idea of how much might be expected in each case eg 60 second audio clip, completed one page checklist.


If you can’t return assignments in class, make sure that everyone knows when and how to collect the feedback; you can still reinforce its importance in class time, as well as make practical suggestions on how to use the feedback in future assignments. MMU guidance on Supporting. MMU guidance on Specifying.

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Unfortunately it is often difficult to go through the assignment in class; most substantial assignments are handed in at the end of the unit and by the time the feedback is complete, scheduled classes have ended. Analytical work has also raised awareness about the problems of clustering of assignment deadlines and programme teams have been provided with guidance on effective planning of assignment deadlines.

What is an External Examiner? A good compromise here is to review examination performance with students at the beginning of the new academic year, in a related unit.

A checklist might be courseworl for giving instant feedback after a presentation, while a detailed written report might work better for an essay. If the student is not satisfied with this discussion, then he or she may need feedbaci be directed to the student complaints procedure. If it looks as though the logistics will make it likely that some feedback will take an unacceptably long time to produce, or will place an unacceptable strain on individual members of staff, then think about some ways of mitigating the delay, such as: This was in response to student feedback that there were too many assessment points: If you had had difficulties in ascribing a mark then normal practice would be that you would have requested a second opinion from a colleague already.