Global climate – vulnerability and resilience 2. Seismometers are used to detect earthquakes. Catania airport was closed for 4 days as ash was covering the runway and threatened to clog aircraft engines The skiing season was about to start but the area was covered by the flowing lava. Local residents in Nicolosi, a village perched on the side of the volcano, have been holding religious ceremonies in an attempt to reduce the impact of the eruption. Copyright Policy Contact.

Below an elevation of about 9, feet 2, m Etna is a shield. Memrise – Mt Etna It erupted in a Strombolian style in July Below an elevation of about 9, feet 2, m Etna is a shield. Lava flows engulfed a restaurant and push over three ski-lift pylons Environmental A series of earthquakes, measuring up to 4. Extras Cut and paste these addresses into your browser to see live images of Mount Etna.

Gas samples may be taken and chemical sensors used to measure sulfur levels. Preparing for volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

A2 Geography Case Study: Mount Etna and Chaiten eruption by pop taytay on Prezi

Get revising – Mt Etna Lava flows from the southern ettna vents seriously threatened the tourist facilities around the Rifugio Sapienza between 23 and 25 November, and a few days later destroyed etn section of forest on the southwestern flank.

Locals believe snow will not settle on the flanks of the volcano due to the heat of the lava. Relief workers used bulldozers to build a high wall of earth to protect the hostel. It erupted in a Strombolian style in July When a volcano is close to erupting it starts to release gases. Global interactions Unit 4: Global resource consumption and security 3.


mt etna case study gcse

Mt Etna is on a destructive plate boundary. Lava flows swallowed up a huge cabin that housed snow ploughs, along with a tourist car park and several ski lift pylons.

Temperatures around the volcano rise as activity increases. Studg Activities [Online activities]: It is predicted that the winter tourist industry will be affected by the eruption of Etna.

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What are lahars and pyroclastic flows? Another group of scientists believes that rifting along the eastern coast of Sicily allows the uprise of magma. In fact, it’s Europe’s most active, and one of the World’s largest continental volcanoes.

Extras Cut and paste these addresses into your browser to see live images of Mount Etna.

mt etna case study gcse

In many parts of eetna world the natural environment presents hazards to people. You should be able to use the knowledge and understanding you have gained about eruption of Mount Etna to answer the following exam style question:. This site can be found at: One theory envisages a hot-spot or mantle-plume origin for this volcano, like those that produce the volcanoes in Hawaii.


Mt Etna Case study

Here are some of the theories:. Although none of the towns on Etna’s slopes have been damaged, there have been losses in agriculture and tourism. However, as well as prediction, people need to be prepared for an eruption. The upper 1, feet m is a stratovolcano made of several vents that cgse joined together.

Geography Case Study: Mount Etna, Sicily

Global risks and resilience 6. What is a volcano?

Schools in the town have been shut down, although the church has remained open for people to pray. The Army heavy earth-moving equipment casee brought in by the Government to block and divert lava flows. Preparing for volcanic eruptions A detailed plan is needed for dealing with a possible eruption.

mt etna case study gcse

What are the different types of volcano? Etna is the subduction of part of the northward-moving African Plate beneath the Eurasian Plate. The base of the volcano is about 36 by 24 miles 60 x 40 km.

Unfortunately volcanic eruptions and earthquakes cannot be prevented. Human development and diversity 5.