It’s money investors have given you in the hope you’ll be able to generate revenues. It’s true that a restaurant with mediocre food can sometimes attract customers through gimmicks. But most of our users were small, individual merchants who saw the Web as an opportunity to build a business. Can You Buy a Silicon Valley? It would be too easy for clients to fire them.

Usually the limited-room fallacy is not expressed directly. Another way to say that is, if you try to start the kind of startup that has to be a big consumer brand, the odds against succeeding are steeper. It’s not something you have to know about “business” to do. Once you get big in users or employees it gets hard to change your product. If you start a startup that succeeds, it’s going to consume at least three or four years. You need to work with someone to know whether you want them as a cofounder. The reason big companies buy startups is that they’ve created something valuable.

Everyone knows these, because they’re big consumer brands.

Why to Not Not Start a Startup

Graham recommends having at least two — but, no more than four. How do you figure out what customers want? We talked to a number of VCs, but eventually we ended up financing our startup entirely with angel money.

When I was a kid in the seventies, a doctor was the thing to be. I don’t know if I could do that now. No one claims there’s any limit on the number of people who can work for salary at person companies.

Key Lessons from Paul Graham’s Legendary Essay, ‘How to Start a Startup’: Part 2-of-3

We could bear any amount of nerdiness if someone was truly smart. But even a proximate cause of death is worth trying hard to avoid. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day people look back on what we consider a normal job in the same way. Also according to Mr. Most good hackers have no more idea of the horrors perpetrated in these places than rich Americans do of what goes esay in Brazilian slums.


It’s more straightforward just to make the food good. Graham, incorporating a business is easy, however when you do you will need to list the founders and the amount of ownership each has.

The parents who want you to be a doctor may simply not realize how much things have changed. How to Make Wealth.

paul grahams essay how to start a startup

If I encourage too many people to apply to Y Combinator, it just means more work for me, because I have to read all the applications. This imbalance equals opportunity. What the Bubble Got Right.

One is that parents tend to be more conservative for their kids than they would be for themselves. You need three things to create a successful startup: Could VC be a Casualty of the Recession?

paul grahams essay how to start a startup

If you don’t think you’re smart enough to start a startup doing something technically difficult, just write enterprise software.

The way to get rich from a startup is to maximize the company’s chances of succeeding, not to maximize the amount of stock you retain. And if things go well, our descendants will take for granted things we would consider shockingly luxurious. The most valuable truths are the ones most people don’t believe. Graham, people spend way too much time and money developing products no one wants.

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I put the lower bound at 23 not because there’s something that doesn’t happen to your brain till then, but because you need to see what it’s like in an existing business before you try running your own. That will change if you get a real job after you graduate.

Once you’ve got a company set up, it may seem presumptuous to go knocking on the doors of rich people and asking them to invest tens of thousands of dollars in something that is really just a bunch of guys with some ideas. But you don’t want so many founders that the company starts to look like a group photo. Not Spending It When and if you get an infusion of real money from investors, what should you do with it?

What you can do, if you have a family and want to start a startup, is start a consulting business you can graams gradually turn into a product garhams.

It’s very dangerous to let anyone fly under you. I wouldn’t advise anyone sstartup a family to start a startup. Don’t Talk to Corp Dev.

paul grahams essay how to start a startup

This is their way of weighing you.