If the offer does not meet your expectations, there must be a strong basis for salary negotiations, as there is little flexibility in the proposed values. The following documents should be sent at this stage: The third round is a full-day event 8. Upon separation from the WBG, either a lump sum or a pension will become payable to the staff based on eligibility. Academic transcripts and certificates When applying for the World Bank YPP selection process, it is compulsory to send all your certificates and higher education academic transcripts. In other words, it is possible that one referee is more able to assess the candidate in detail in relation to one specific competence than another. Look for tips for interviewing at the World Bank Group.

If the Bank is not able to understand them, they will ask you to re-send translated copies; Sending your secondary school certificate and education transcript is not required. Do NOT enter any special characters in any of the application fields. You have clicked on a link to a page that is not part of the beta version of the new worldbank. Below the text, the candidate is asked to: Upon separation from the WBG, either a lump sum or a pension will become payable to the staff based on eligibility. The new YPs start work in September, providing sufficient time to prepare for the move to Washington D.

Young Professionals Program (YPP)

Examples include increasing agricultural productivity and building infrastructure that provides access to energy, irrigation, and markets; promoting freer trade that provides greater access to markets for the poor and enabling entrepreneurs in low- and middle-income countries to grow their businesses and create new jobs; investing in fo health care and education, especially for women and children; and implementing social safety nets and providing social insurance, including initiatives that protect against the impacts fpr natural disasters and pandemics.

The interview is a full-day event. Application Essay for the Selection Process “There is no single blueprint for countries in their efforts to end extreme poverty and to promote shared prosperity in a sustainable manner.


Working for a World Free of Poverty. Each eessay should not exceed 5 MB, and should be in the following format: Describe your own contribution and the potential role of World Bank in resolving some of the above challenges.

sample essay for world bank ypp

This selection stage usually takes place between June and August. Attach the following documents mandatory: This is a face-to-face selection stage and involves an assessment center and an individual interview. Status update to candidates those invited to interviews and those who are not moving forward.

Each referee does not need to assess the candidate in all of these aspects but it is important that this is possible taken as a whole the three letters. If you are willing to be contacted in the future to help us improve our website, please leave your email address below. You may choose to have the World Bank handle your shipping arrangements, or you may elect the Optional Shipment Grant.

Recruitment Drive for Chinese Nationals.

sample essay for world bank ypp

These documents are the only ones which provide third party impressions of the candidates, highlighting their skills, knowledge and experience. Candidates should bear in mind that the three main skills sought by the World Bank are client orientation, professional expertise and team leadership.

The second criterion for selecting a referee is looking for a diverse range of opinions about the candidate, allowing the WB YPP assessors to assemble a broad overview of them. Look for tips for interviewing at the World Bank Group. The selection team requests that the reference fkr focus on the competences sought by the World Bank YPP, which are client orientation client commitment, orientation for results, integrity and ethicsprofessional expertise technical knowledge, strategic outlook and capacity to analyze problems and team leadership teamwork, listening and communication, innovation and ability to negotiate.

Selection Process

Overlapping crises, from climate change to pandemics, natural disasters to forced displacement, threaten to erase hard-earned development gains, and historic economic changes, in part from technological advancement and disruption, present risks for countries, but also opportunities if they have made the necessary investments in their people, communities, and economies to take advantage of them.


You may focus on a region or set of countries as well as your area of expertise to describe your proposal. In these cases, the absence of these documents will not affect your eligibility. The World Bank YPP uses a semi-structured interview combining different methods, which are the traditional, the brain teaser and the behavioral event interview. The following documents should be sent at this stage:.

The World Bank Young Professionals Program 2017

Be sure that all of the information and files are correct, as they cannot be changed or updated following submission; After submitting your application, you will not be able to enter your account and review what has been sent. This is because the committee may use plagiarism detection software. In other words, a type of group exercise in which information will be given to you about a realistic situation or problem relevant to the vacancy.

Therefore, it is important that it has been finalized when applying; The file must not be password protected and its content must be searchable. This selection process is divided into four rounds: Some observations and recommendations about the application: The World Bank will bear the cost of one-way transportation of staff and immediate dependent family from the staff member’s residence.

sample essay for world bank ypp

Having received a message from the selection team about their approval for the second round, the candidate should send a copy of their passport and three reference letters. Focus on your area of expertise when describing your proposal.

Recruitment Drive for Nordic Nationals.

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