External status is limited to a maximum of three terms and each external term counts as an active term towards the student’s time limits. External Status In a limited set of circumstances, a student may be eligible for external status. Depending upon the nature of the material, the student may want to include additional information. Failed In the event of failure, detailed reasons must be supplied in writing by the Chair of the exam committee to the Dean, program director and candidate within 10 business days. In exceptional circumstances, and with the prior approval of the Dean, one additional member may be appointed who is not a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Time Extensions Time extensions are normally approved on a part-time basis only.

Faculty members, graduate students and others may attend oral exams at the discretion of the Chair of the exam committee. Tables may be horizontal or vertical as long as the required margins are used. Conflicts related to graduate supervision may connect to, or be informed by, many university policies and procedures. The exam committee members have the responsibility of ensuring that high standards of scholarship are met. Keep in mind that a supplementary file is NOT an appendix. Only in exceptional circumstances would the supervisor, an internal York member, or the student be the off-site participant. In accordance with the evaluation guidelines described above, the Oral Examination Report Form requires that the committee reach one of the following four decisions:.

Students conducting research with human participants may be required to submit the Form TD2: Students are normally expected to remain as full-time or part-time students, depending upon the status in which they were initially enrolled.

The deadline for the Thesis Prize. However, it is often the case that more than three copies of the thesis are required for an oral exam. Dissertations must embody the results of original research and must be successfully defended at an oral examination. Thesis and dissertation proposal regulations are set out in some detail in Guidelines Thesis Regulations and Regulations.


The dissertation should be well packaged to protect gidelines from damage.

york fgs dissertation guidelines

August 27, by Mary Desrocher. Students in course-work only programs who have not completed their course work may register as NCA, with GPD fissertation. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know it is being reviewed. The rationale for this examination mode must be made by the program to the Dean. You can stop and save your work at any point in the process, and resume your submission simply by logging back in. If you would like to confirm permission in writing, you can do so by signing and completing the information below and returning this signed and completed letter in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope by [date].

york fgs thesis guidelines

York University Offices that may provide support include, but are not limited to:. The faculty member acts as a monitor, helping students develop a bibliography and facilitate discussions, but does not act as an instructor.

If informal resolution is unsuccessful or inappropriate, and the GPD determines that the guiddelines relationship is beyond repair, the GPD will attempt dissertwtion good faith to work with the student to find alternative supervision within the unit, and will keep FGS apprised of these efforts.

If co-authored, the candidate must provide an account of its provenance. The oral exam may be held less than 20 business days from the time copies are sent to the examining committee provided all parties agree.

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Accordingly, theses and dissertations are released after each convocation November 1 and Dissertatiin 1. If fga continue to persist, any party may seek the advice of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Students and Supervisors are encouraged to address any issues promptly and informally. In the case of a chapter that was previously published in a journal, an abstract of the chapter content and link to the journal website where the article can be found could be provided.


york fgs dissertation guidelines

An abstract contains a statement of the problem, the procedure or methods used, the results and the conclusions. Reinstatement Students who withdraw in good standing may be reinstated if they meet all of the following conditions: They may, at the discretion of the Chair, participate in the disserrtation.

However, at times, there are situations that require further action. Students hold copyright to their theses and dissertations, regardless of the method of submission.

Additional forms may be required. If an examining committee member requests a paper copy of the written component s of the dissertation, it is the graduate program’s responsibility to make arrangements once jork e-copy has been provided by the student.

It is important to note with some limited exceptions applicable to FESthat students who are permitted to change to part-time status are expected to register as a part-time student for a minimum of two terms. It showcases the scholarship of the York University community through the use of a special standards—based software platform that collects usage statistics and promotes visibility guidelinrs the web.

york fgs dissertation guidelines

Please use a comma to separate each keyword or string of keywords. For example, the first page of every chapter may have a top margin of 2.

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If students’ ability to make academic progress alters, they fs petition for a change of status. These are minimum requirements with respect to the composition of and quorum for thesis examining committees.

They must fall at the 1 inch 25 mm margin. Running headers to put title, name, chapter, etc.