ETSU will continue to use these assessments. The student uses different kinds of sources. Sources and information used indicate persistence and resourcefulness in seeking information. By promoting the ability to seek, use and communicate information, INtopFORM will equip our students to succeed and indeed excel in college. Throughout the development process the team actively sought ideas and guidance from the university community through online surveys, meetings with university governance bodies, interviews with campus leaders, and a day-long retreat sponsored by President Brian Noland. Human knowing is organized into hierarchies as follows:

Limited learning on college campuses. The motto of our QEP succinctly captures the spirit of the plan: Graduate Students I appreciate and see the importance of both proposals. As students, we are the future physicians, attorneys, engineers, etc. Alumni The ability and desire to seek, find and digest reliable information in the world today is essential given the large amount and varying quality of available information. Throughout spring a team comprising outstanding faculty from across the institution, as well as representatives from Student Affairs, and undergraduate and graduate students, developed the plan by which ETSU would implement and assess INtopFORM. Reflecting this view, in the U.

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Post-graduate transitions of the academically adrift cohort. Information literacy standards for higher education. Programs will collect baseline data in the first year of their involvement in INtopFORM and will report data annually thereafter.

Because most students take CSCI as freshmen, the final exam provides data on learning in the first year of college. Educational Critial, 29, The Complete College Tennessee Act of charges all public institutions of higher education in skolls state with dramatically increasing the number of Tennesseans with post-secondary degrees. Programs may also create alternative rubric items with the approval of the director of Assessment and Teaching.


Appendix A outlines the purposes of the conference in detail. Participating programs may select this option subject to approval by the director of Assessment and Teaching. Journal of Educational Psychology, 82, 33— In reviewing the theme proposals, it was evident that all three represented powerful engines calfiornia driving improvements in student learning.

A growing consensus has emerged that information skills are essential in the workplace e. The menu of rubric items appears below. ca,ifornia

california critical thinking skills test etsu

As compared to the programs of study initiative, in which a department or college seeks to enhance learning outcomes in an entire major or concentration, INtopFORM fellowships will support projects by individual faculty members. Reaching this goal requires curricular implementation in the sophomore year and beyond.

California critical thinking skills test

In our experience these difficulties are widespread among students. Questions encourage a broad search for information. A QEP Development Team comprising outstanding faculty from across the university, as well as Student Affairs staff and undergraduate and graduate students, then drafted the implementation and assessment plan. Moreover, because collecting, using and communicating information are central to the work of everyone at ETSU and vital for the calirornia of our university, INtopFORM will promote excellence in information thikning across the university.

The what and who of information literacy and critical thinking in higher education. On November 2nd the university conducted a news conference at which President Noland announced the Table Such conversations occurred frequently among members of the QEP Development Team critiacl were among the most satisfying parts of the development process.


However, it also encourages participation by all members of the university. Questions examine diverse perspectives on the problem, task or topic.

The last of these elements includes awarding INtopFORM student support and engagement grants for which all university units may apply.

Journal of Medical Internet Research, 82, e6. The student draws upon diverse perspectives. The director of Assessment and Teaching will assist faculty in designing the assessment and will ultimately approve the assessment protocol. A hallmark of excellence in information fluency is the ability to synthesize and coordinate complex information from diverse sources and perspectives.

We will assess implementation of INtopFORM using indicators such as the number of participating faculty and programs of study, attendance at workshops and meetings, the number and kind of communications about information fluency at ETSU, and the number and quality of submissions to the INtopFORM Showcase. The campaign also incorporates social media and print communications. We will also track compliance with the implementation calendar.

california critical thinking skills test etsu

The department will implement the redesign in AY Inference is the process of reasoning from an initial set of reasons to the conclusions which flow from those reasons. Our goal can be to develop citizens who seek wisdom by understanding conflicting sets of knowledge. ETSU analyzes test data annually as part of its assessment of.