HRM — Conflict Management. PSY — Sport Psychology. SOC — Introduction to Sociology. ISL — Islamic Studies. MCM — Theories of Communication. Final term solved papers reference moaaz and waqar siddhu.

CS — System Programming. CS — Data Warehousing. MCM — Journalistic Writing. MKT — Marketing Management. MGT — Principles of Marketing. MTH — Discrete Mathematics. MCM — Theories of Communication.

You Can See All About in the course with MGT — Strategic Management. PSY — Personality Psychology. ECO — Introduction to Economics. STA — Statistics and Probability. PSY — Cognitive Psychology. MKT — Advertising and Promotion. CS — Design and Analysis of Algorithms. Mid Term Past Papers.

CS — Data ;aper. CS — Software Project Management. CS — Modern Programming Languages.

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MCM — Development Communication. CS — Computer Networks. Final Term Past Papers. MGT — Introduction to Business.

cs304 final term paper

MGT — Business Ethics. MCM — Theories of Communication.


CS304 final term moaaz file and reference mega file

CS — Introduction to Programming. MKT — Brand Management. CS — Introduction to Computing. FIN — Corporate Finance.

cs304 final term paper

CS — Data Communication. MCM — Introduction to Broadcasting.

CS304 Object Oriented Programming Midterm / Final Term Papers

User May Also Like To Visit computer final term handouts mid term ppt slides vu degree value in pakistan vu exam demo. MTH — Elementary Mathematics.

CS — Database Management System. MCM — Globalization of Media. MCM — Journalistic Writing. PSY — Sport Psychology.

MGT — Principles of Marketing. PSY — Abnormal Psychology. PAK — Pakistan Studies. MKT — Marketing Management. CS — Object Oriented Programming.