The DOH aims to embed these values 6Cs in all nursing, midwifery and caregiving settings throughout the NHS and social care in order to improve care for patients. Views sought on new vision for nursing. I also see a need to share my learning with others, which the extant literature also supports. Department of Health, Accounting essays Architecture essays Business essays Coursework Economics essays Education essays Engineering essays English language essays English literature essays.

Comment by Patrick Keady posted on on 29 September Adults with CP are inclined to participate in activity, physical therapy and fitness programs less so. Comment by Cyril posted on on 16 September Hi Viv, What would you say about the opinion that the 6 Cs are natural attributes of those drawn to care work, and that to remind nurses of them in an official statement could be seen as an insult? Such sharing will enable the care practice to develop further, especially if it is shared with colleagues. UK blogs use cookies to make the site simpler.

nuraing My interactive character connotes my propensity towards good communication also one of the 6 Cswhich is definitely necessary in the care delivery. Link to this comment Reply.

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The concept has several useful implications for my personal practice. These concepts are interlinked and cannot be done without, and dismemberment of any will result in flawed care implementation.

Thank you Viv for starting the blog – it will be of interest to Nurses, and everyone interested in improving the quality of health services. I think the buzz about the 6cs is brilliant, they provide great discussion points in class too.

Welcome to my first blog!

The Intuitive-Humanist Model explains the link of intuition to the relationship between the nursing experience, the knowledge thus obtained from this relationship, and how it enhances the clinical decision-making process Banning, The MDT must communicate effectively, be decisive and courageous in their decisions and offer informative and honest advice to families involved in the car of any child or adult suffering from the disease. The relationship between my routine practice, continuing professional development, and safe and effective care.


As a nurse in Canada I’m looking forward to hearing about how your work is going and what directions the NHS takes. Although the discussion revolves around these issues, it is consistently supported by literature and evidence. We are seeking as many views as possible to help shape a programme that really meets the needs of nursing and midwifery today. Since these are the people whose care really needs to be addressed, how will the 6 Cs move be effective?

A Theory of Nursing. What nurses told us was that whilst they could talk in general terms about good nursing there was not a clear and consistent way to describe this to people.

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From completing this module, there is a nurssing to share my learning with others. For me, the most important features of learning within the module are the inculcation of evidence-based practice of care through communities of learning, and the positive contribution that healthcare-related lifelong learning can extend to an empowering and person-centred care.

Welcome to my first blog! – Viv Bennett

Welcome to the exciting world of blogging, Viv, and I look forward to following developments here. Could you please prolong them a bit from subsequent time? Cerebral Palsy can oon prenatal, perinatal and postnatal.

Secondly, those staff who are guilty of complacency and having poor 6cx are presumably less likely to speedily adopt any new mentality encouraged in a top-down initiative. In 30 years of nursing this is the first time I have ever felt that I can directly contribute to and influence the way that nursing develops in the future because the nurses at the top are reaching out to the profession in such a direct and accessible way.

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Children with nuring motor disabilities may experience a sense of loss at their inability to mix with other children and may withdraw and act out Miller et al, Orthapedic surgeons help the child with problems with bones, muscles, tendons, nerves or joints Ganjwala, Application to Practice rodrigo February 6, I may pass learning formally through health seminars where I am a speaker.


At the time of diagnosis there are lots of members of the MDT involved with the intention of providing the best care and support to the individual possible. nufsing

The resulting anger at medical staff due to concerns of poor lf can lead to difficulties in accepting abnormal motherhood and the inability to fulfil societal expectations of what is perceived as a healthy child. Patterns of movement disorders are commonly subdivided into spastic, dystonic and ataxic forms, depending on the area of the brain that is mainly affected Nice Guidelines, Adults with CP ordinarily participate less in social interactions, employment, marriage, and independent living according to Liptak, Esay new learning helped me reevaluate and better understand issues such as dignity and respect.

essay on 6cs of nursing

Esway addition, occupational therapists are needed for support and advice on equipment, play and adaptions, speech and language needs as well as therapists for guidance on eating and communication.

Department of Health, Loss of strength and contractures, overuse syndromes, chronic pain, fatigue, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are also prevalent in the adult CP population and are common factors in the loss of mobility, self-care, and daily performance over time Gage et al, This is also the reason why I need to communicate with them regularly or as needed, since only through constant interaction can I have adequate knowledge of their present condition; from which I can grow compassion towards them.

Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for novices. Our Vision and Strategy.