Application I applied through a recruiter. And the weeks of torturous waiting are normal, so bear with it. After dinner, we gathered at the Multi-purpose hall again. Mara also offered scholarships but they stopped for economic reasons, I presume. You can always close the tab after reading the topic, haha!

It was more of a process of elimination, to be perfectly honest. Managerial Interview Anonymous Interview Candidate. My plans in medicine field eg. Being able to perform well in kokurikulum is just going to make you stand out more than the others. If you are awarded the scholarship, you will receive a phone call from BNM telling you the discipline you are sponsored to pursue; you will also be told of the country in which your undergraduate studies will take place, hopefully. The second stage begins on the following day in Sasana Kijang. Yeap, I did my A-levels in Taylor’s.

These are not much, but it shou Read your blog up thanks for being so informative regarding the scholarship Here are some of the pictures. Hope this is helpful Like Like. U mentioned that we can click into the essay part to know ngeara question and close the tab, right?

essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

Good luck with biasiwwa application and by extension, congratulations on your SPM results! December 8, at 9: Syahirah Omar 5 April at I was planning on having a tour around the hotel tomorrow or maybe hitting the gym before checking out kahkah.


But even I don’t know what to expect, to be honest.

Biasisa site uses cookies. I have heard that applicants have to write short timed essay at this stage I did not have to inbut heard that applicants had to.

Securing the scholarship My application experience was a little different, as I originally applied for the normal undergraduate scholarship, but was subsequently awarded the Kijang Emas scholarship.

There weren’t really much space for talking because the facilitators started to divide us into groups of five by announcing names. I am really sorry for this delay! Then we had to design a poster about a particular field of study we untu to pick one.

That One Girl Kijang Academy, Bank Negara.

Meanwhile, I am doing my medicine study under JPA scholarship. There are around 30 groups for Kijang and only 3 groups for Kijang Emas. There are two parts to it.

essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

The reason to that is to give a good impression to other assessors as they are going to judge ourselves as well. Econs and Accounting and Finance graduates could end up in the same department in BNM and still have no advantage over the other in terms of knowledge.

We get to talk a bit and at night the adventure begins! The Break Announcement At the beginning of the Kijang Academy up until now, biassiswa will be about a hundred of applicants per batch. Do promotional activities or marketing? One of the memorable question the assessor asked me was why I would work for the country when it’s in a saddening current state.



I took a deep breath, said ‘basmallah’ and began I negra. Then, I called my mum and sis to share the good news, my dad even gave me some tips on nailing the three-on-one interview. You won’t be able to give a textbook answer, and that is absolutely fine because they don’t expect you to know that much after all. Sudden arrangement about weeks after application. They want to know more about you rather than hiasiswa see you show off your flowery, bombastic and glorious language mastery.

Bank Negara Scholarship Assessment – Kijang Academy 2015

My group had 3 boys and 6 girls. Email required Address never made public. A personal statement basically. There is only so much you can do at this stage, go on with interviews from other scholarship bodies, continue college education or get on with life as usual. So, I woke up at 5.

essay untuk biasiswa bank negara