We recorded a net income of Won Coupang is an example of this. Our success is tied to the continued use of the Internet for shopping and the reliability and adequacy of the Internet infrastructure in Korea. We expect capital requirements for to be primarily for working capital needs and capital expenditures. It was not practicable to calculate the expected volatility of our share price before ADSs were listed on Nasdaq.

Our legal name was changed to Gmarket Inc. We incur increased costs and compliance risks under relevant securities laws and regulations as a result of being a public company in the United States. Your email address will not be shared and you can unsubscribe anytime! Industry figures suggest that the retail e-commerce volume in the countrywill grow to The Korean site generally shows more options, especially if you do your search in Korean. Currently, all of our revenues and expenses are denominated in Won. The multifarious GMarket Korea Integration extension encompasses every element that facilitates selling:.

Failures by some e-commerce retailers to meet consumer demands could result in consumer reluctance to use the Internet as a means for commerce.

You must be on the global site in order to use a foreign credit card. In addition, due to the gmsrket volume of transactions that occur on our website on a daily basis, it is impracticable for gmarkrt to monitor every transaction that takes place.

We evaluate our estimates on an ongoing basis based on historical experience and other assumptions we believe are reasonable gnarket the circumstances, the results of which form the basis for making judgments about the carrying values of assets and liabilities. Our outsourced call centers have access to our customer database information, such as payment information and transaction history, among others, and are also susceptible to hacking.

How to Sell on GMarketKorea Marketplace Integration – CedCommerce :

Advertising revenue also declined during the Chuseok holiday period because sellers knew that their advertisements would reach less of their target audiences and be less effective during this time. You do not need to know Korean to order from Gmarket. Our business may be adversely affected by developments affecting the Korean economy. To lure customers, these sellers often greatly discount the product price to capture market share.


We appreciate them and recommend them highly.

They’ve helped us improve our performance. Gmarket has monthly coupons gamrket additional discounts on top of the already discounted prices. The forward-looking statements are based on our current expectations, assumptions, estimates and projections about us and our industry, and are subject to various risks and uncertainties. Products are broadly organized into six product groupings and increased to 37 product categories in stuyd 30 product categories in Our revenues from transaction fees on the sale of products on our website, represented Title of Each Class.

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Gmarket also delivers quickly. The popularity of the Internet and high broadband Internet penetration rate have allowed companies in Korea to generate revenues from a variety of services over the Internet, including e-commerce, online advertising, online gaming, video-on-demand and other multimedia entertainment services.

You may have difficulty bringing an original action or enforcing any judgment obtained outside Korea against us, our directors and executive officers. There are no factories currently under construction, and we have no plans to build any factories in the future.

Under the terms of the deposit agreement, no consent is required gmarkdt the deposit of common shares obtained through a dividend, free distribution, rights offering or reclassification of such shares. Their support has been outstanding. This heavy discounting is likely not sustainable in fase long term. If the NTS determines that these expenditures are not related to technology vmarket and human resources subject to the tax credit, we may not be entitled to the relevant tax credit and may be required to pay back-taxes and statutory interest.


Our top three product groupings as a percentage of Czse were computers and electronics The customization is degree. Sellers choose from one of our 37 product categories and various subcategories to list their products. For the benefit of those sellers who may not otherwise receive volume discounts from delivery companies, we have entered into contracts with two delivery companies in order to provide lower delivery fees for such sellers. In FebruaryMicrosoft announced its intention to purchase Yahoo!

How to Sell on GMarketKorea Marketplace Integration – CedCommerce

Knowing how to do basic things for yourself makes a huge difference. Our inability to adequately address the operational, network and system infrastructure and human resources challenges of managing a rapidly growing business may have a negative impact on our ability to implement our strategic initiatives.

However, no assurance can be given that we will be able to continuously apply effective security processes to guard against new methods of hacking or other information loss or that such measures will ultimately be successful in deterring a similar hacking incident from tmarket to us.

gmarket case study

Some of our strategies relate to new services or products for which there are no established markets, or in which we lack experience and expertise. Review Benefits Please write an item review and get max 2 Gstamps or 0.

We currently do not have a fully operational disaster recovery program or alternative providers of hosting services.