Nagarathinam Estimation of serum […]. Hereditary gingival fibromatosis-a case report and management using a novel surgical technique. Nagarathinam Estimation of serum […] Read More Anushree Potey Comparative evaluation of Coronally advanced flap with orthodontic button application with and without platelet rich fibrin membrane in treatment of gingival recession defects: Clinical evaluation of intrabony defects in localized aggressive periodontitis patients with and without Bio glass-An vitro study ,March KUMJ Biological aspect Dental implants:

November 28, at 3: There are many factors which determine the outcome of a root coverage procedure. Presently a lot of research is going on the relationship between periodontitis and systemic diseases. A clinic radiographic study. Effect of airborne particle abrasion, Acid and laser etching on the bone strength between grooved titanium alloy temporary implant abutments and provisional […] Read More

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Prerna Shirke Evaluation of 1. No Name of the P.

mds periodontics thesis topics

Clinical research is focused on various clinical procedures in surgical periodontology and implantology. Periodontics 1. Any number of topics can be suggested but u must choose topics based on your interest,feasibility n terms of patients,funding,infra structure.

This is going to help you in your clinical practice later on. The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest.


First see whats your area of interest: Oral surgery 1. Anusha Comparative evaluation of the remineralization potential incorporated chicken egg shell powder with CPP-ACP on demineralized enamel — An invitro study 2. Periomedicine also be a gud segment.

mds periodontics thesis topics

If you go into details of these studies you may find new parameters on periodoontics a little or no research has been done. What are some good topics for thesis in Periodontics? Evaluation and comparison of serum, vit D and calcium levels in periodontally healthy, chronic gingivitis and chroniuc periodontitis in non diabetes and diabetes milletus patients- a cross sectional study.


For Admission Call us: Batch Name Topics Dr. Simin Abraham Sublingual ultrasound as an assessment method for predicting difficult intubation. Identifying risk of Osteoporosis in Pre and Post Menopausal Periodontally healthy and chronic periodontitis women by digital panoramic radiograph. November 26, at A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.

Journal of International Oral Health ; 7 7: Year to Sr No. Effect of airborne particle abrasion, Acid and laser etching on the bone strength between grooved titanium alloy temporary implant abutments and provisional […]. Another area which catches my interest is the perceived need for treatment as against actual need for treatment. I was thinking to choose a regenerative procedure. Proximal contact areas of Maxillary anterior teeth and their influence on Interdental papilla.


Surekha Rathod Thesis 5. I would suggest you to go ahead with root coverage or any other periodontal plastic procedure. Orthodontics 1. Prosthodontic- periodontic-restorative interrelationship Orthodontic-periodontal interrelationship Periodontic-endodontic interrelationship Furcation involvement and its treatment Piezosurgery in periodontics and oral implantology Periodontal microsurgery Periodontitis as a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases Diabetes and periodontal disease: Many modifications in the conventional procedures have been introduced by various authors.

Soumendra Kumar Parida A study of salivary opiorphin levels using different […]. A cross sectional study. I discussed it with my guide.

Morphometric analysis of maxillary central incisor and its influence on gingival characteristics. Biological aspect Dental implants: