Abbreviation MTSD mobile touch screen device. They also engaged in online browsing, games, video watching or listening to music, for example: Sometimes I will ask my parents [I want to] play a little bit more please. With permission from participants, each interview was audio-recorded and transcribed verbatim by the first author. The most common way of multitasking reported was using smartphone, for homework or personal activities e.

In addition, some adolescents also reported that they often multitasked among different types of activities, by switching and alternating repeatedly among them, with short periods of use for each activity. Most adolescents perceived their amount of MTSD use as appropriate and did not see the need to change or limit their use. At home, adolescents used MTSDs at various places, such as on the sofa or dining table, in the living room or kitchen, on the study table or in bed in the bedroom, and even in the toilet, which were similarly noted by their parents too: Get ready to learnbecause expectations wbe mtsd homestead homework page number wbe single parenting essay thesis you Wbe chenged! Four of the parents were not interviewed as they did not speak English. This study has provided rich insights into the patterns and influences of contemporary mobile device use by adolescents. This course involves a bnce of precision vocabulary and theorems help with popular argumentative essay discovery.

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How many homweork are enough?: Several influences of MTSD use were reported by adolescents and parents, which could be categorized into functional, personal and external influences:. Findings in this study strongly suggest that some adolescents were very attached to and unable to resist using their MTSDs, especially homewrok. Many adolescents appeared to have a lack of self-control over their use whereby they found it hard to resist or stop using MTSDs.

Adolescent screen time and rules to limit screen time in the home. Interestingly, a few adolescents also mentioned that they eventually ended up getting bored with using MTSDs after some time, although they were kept occupied and entertained by them initially, for example: Livingstone S, Helsper EJ.


However, it might be challenging to do so as adolescents may find screen technology use more appealing than other activities. Google translate or dictionary, searching information for projects, messaging with schoolmates to consult each other on homework. Personal activities commonly included social activities such as messaging using WhatsApp, social media on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, and making phone calls.

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In the past few years, there has been a surge in the ownership and usage of mobile touch screen devices MTSD among adolescents [ 1 — 3 ]. Hence, it is important to examine parental rules or restrictions and concerns to understand the family context. Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article Many adolescents used MTSDs ubiquitously at various locations, and frequently throughout the day upon waking up in the morning, in school and at home, even when outdoors or while commuting.

Breaks were usually perceived by the adolescents as the time when they stopped using MTSDs, rather than a conscious effort to take a break.

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This study has also pointed out a general lack of awareness, concerns and homeworkk of MTSD use from the adolescents, which could have contributed to high and frequent MTSD use, and non-compliance with parental rules or restrictions.

Many adolescents reported multitasking with other tasks, e. They usually sought permission from their parents and borrowed their smartphones to use instead.

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Interviews were recorded and transcribed. A few parents articulated that it was important for adolescents to be aware of and exercise self-discipline on their usage, as they were not able to control their use all the time, for instance:. So this is their lives, part of their lives.


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Strengths and limitations Strengths of this study include a fairly large number of participants, and the semi-structured individual interview format which homewokr free expression and exploration of arising issues.

Inclusion criteria for adolescents were: Accessed 10 Jan Games Comput Human Behav. Adolescents who lacked a data plan on their MTSDs often tried to access the internet at places that had Wi-Fi access, such as in school, public areas or areas in the house where Wi-Fi connection was available or stronger. Portability ktsd device could also affect the types of MTSD used at various locations.


The association between use of electronic media in bed before going to sleep homeworkk insomnia symptoms, daytime sleepiness, morningness, and chronotype.

Poor device performance and lack of internet access or mobile data can limit the amount of time spent and activities available to use on MTSDs.

Recruitment continued until data saturation occurred, when no new information was being obtained across three consecutive interviews [ 34pwge ]. A few parents have also pointed out that they spent considerable amount of time on MTSDs themselves, for example: At home, adolescents used MTSDs at various places, such as on the sofa or dining table, in the living room or kitchen, on the study table or in bed in the bedroom, and even in the toilet, which were similarly noted by their parents too:.

Reducing youth screen time: Howie1, homrwork Pieter Coenen1, 4 and Leon M.

Much about the nature and impact of multitasking during MTSD use in adolescents still remains unknown; further research on the appropriate extent of multitasking MTSD use with homework, other tasks and devices is therefore needed.