Find all the factors of each number. For questions 1 through 6, find the quotient. The ribbon length is 7 inches longer than the beaded section. Split 28 into 20 8. What is the area of the tennis court? Method 1 Method 2 1.

Add the lengths of the sides: You can do this by using an inverse operation. Name Reteaching Dividing Decimals by 10, , or 1, You can use place-value patterns when you divide a decimal by 10, , or 1, Subtract the departing time from the arrival time. You must also multiply the dividend by the same power of First write the whole number. Make a table to try different numbers and see which pair fits the problem.

The number of peaches Paige now has equals the number of peaches she had at sttep start minus the number she gave to Simon. Missing or Extra Information Aiko bought 6 red balloons and 11 clear balloons for a party. The length of the twig is more than 75 mm but less than 76 mm.

How far does he drive in 3 days? Multiply by the ones. You already know that 48 6 8.

Estimation A vat has a capacity of fl oz. Use patterns to help you, if possible. Geometry Shanika has a piece of cardboard with an area of 63 square inches; one side is 9 inches long. The board is 1. Since there is a total of 1 decimal place in the factors, there is 1 decimal place in the product. Rodriguez could also use racks that hold three test tubes or racks that hold five test tubes.


problem solving multiple step problems reteaching 7-5

Proboems can also state them in algebraic expressions. Use d for the number of days. Write out what you are trying to find. Problme are the same distance apart and will not cross each other.

Topic 8 Name Reteaching Triangles You can classify triangles by the lengths of their sides and the sizes of their angles. Remember You find equal ratios by multiplying or dividing the top and bottom of the ratio by the same number.

Gr 5 Reteaching Answers ch 1 to ch 20 – edugates

During the party, 3 clear balloons burst but none of the red balloons did. He said the answer was x 4. Who ate more pizza? Two is the sum of one plus one. The exponent is 2, so 2 factors of 8 multille be multiplied together. Abh A 10 cm 8 cm Reteaching A 80 cm2 Find the area of each parallelogram.

Open Figure Quadrilateral 4 sides Each side is 3 in.

Gr 5 Reteaching Answers ch 1 to ch 20 – edugates

What basic division fact is the best estimate of the next division? Continue by subtracting thousands.


problem solving multiple step problems reteaching 7-5

prlblems An inverse operation is an opposite—addition and subtraction, for example, are inverse operations. The box weighs How to write an equation number sentence for a problem: Multiply, 9 53 ACB is a central angle. It arrived at Progreso, Mexico, at How many students will be in each classroom? Draw a Picture and Write an Equation Reteaching A hardware store ordered 9 packs of screws retaeching a supplier. Tell if the difference is an increase or decrease.