If not seen during these periods, why not? What object has the defect? Slow to return telephone calls 2. Transform a simple, vague symptom from the customer into specific, quantifiable terms that can be worked on by the team? The circuit is overloaded.

Start with the Customer? Helps identify potential root causes? Talk to the operator s? There is no filter on pump intake as designed. They are slow to return telephone calls and answer e-mails.

Begins with the Problem Statement Object-Defect?

qrcm problem solving report

Start with Customer symptom, develop a problem statement in Object-Defect form? Rob Zwiebel — Rosalina Jimenez 3? Communication Why is this a problem? Why is this prbolem a problem? When could it have been since observed, but was not?

QRCM Problem Solving Report 8D Meritor

Course test used for training? Write a clear problem description that is problsm specific and focused than the original customer problem description. Where, what station, how often, when started? Slow to answer e-mails 3. Use Problem Solving tools to identify most likely causes of a problem?


Are the assembly instructions appropriate? Clearly define and describe the problem?

QRCM Problem Solving Report 8D Meritor

What object has the defect? Action Plans Where does the problem occur now?

Prove that the proposed action will do what is intended prior to G8D — Global 8D? Start with the symptom s as described by the customer or end user 2. Any history of failure mode?

But, more than toolset: D6 Implement Permanent Corrective Action? Who is not aware?

Problem Solving Engineer

Start with the Customer? Document how validated Name Attended Kickoff Mtg? Training delivered to all functions and key suppliers Purpose of Problem Solving: Write Problem Statement in “object – defect” format proboem.

Key is to know when to stop asking Why? Paint blisters in the drying oven? Plant 2 3 Can failure mode be replicated? Who is aware of the problem?

qrcm problem solving report

Why should it have been detected? They are slow to return telephone calls and answer e-mails.


qrcm problem solving report

Evaluate risks to ensure the proposed action does not? Poor quality paint Why? What trends could have been expected, but were not observed? Why is the intake clogged with metal shavings?