Visual Appeal The overall appearance and layout of your job application documents make an important impact on the reader. Consider this criterion which appears in the SA Health person specification: Organisations want to hire people that are going to fit in. You will need to allow time to collect your evidence and scan your documents. Divide it up into these 4 sections:. Email addresses such as hotchick abc. The suitability of all applicants will be assessed against these criteria, so you need to address them in your application.

Here your purpose is merely to communicate that you actually have a record of being employed. One of the reasons is that it makes it easier for them to process the large volume of applications, and to enable a comparison of individual applications in order to identify the best candidates. To repeat what we have already said — read and follow the application instructions. This instruction might say something like: May 12, in Uncategorized: Quality — were you required to work within recognised quality standards, or use relevant quality assurance procedures?

A short introductory paragraph. Requirements for providing specific information and documentation relating to tp;p clinical placements. Required to communicate with, and provide high quality, fast service to a very diverse customer base. So it is crucial that you are able to prepare a quality written application.

Time — can you describe tasks or actions that you had to complete within particular time frames, or deadlines? Ability to be, creative, innovative and flexible when approaching issues within a healthcare setting. Avoid however writing about every school award you might have received over the lettr.


Name of the award and year it was awarded.

Transition to Professional Practice Program (T Triple P). Job Search Strategy

Simply centre the information at the top of the first page of your resume as follows: Working in a multi disciplinary team environment, completed two week rotations in each of ketter ward, recovery ward, theatre and admissions.

If you would like to meet with me sooner, you may reach me immediately on my cell lehter Using the SA Health criterion relating to effective communication skills, here is part of a sample response: You will be describing these in much more detail in your resume and responses to the selection criteria document. Using information from coger research, tailor the information provided in your application documents.

The intention is that you utilise this time to prepare your application for your T triple P or other employment applications.

Transition to Professional Practice Program (T Triple P). Job Search Strategy

Education The detail to be t;pp here refers primarily to university and relevant TAFE qualifications. A final thought about Professional Experience — how many entries should be included, and in how much detail?

Writing about awards you have received can also be a useful way of differentiating yourself from the competition.

tppp cover letter

Under this heading include information about any paid employment you have had. This reflection on your research will help you to tailor your application. The aim here is to showcase some solid clinical experience. Within scope of practice: Other students might have had full time career positions before changing their career direction.


The attributes you include must be closely related to the selection criteria. That you are interested in the position. Below is a cover letter template so that you can see how the sections of the letter might come together: I’m a Nursing Professional Development Specialist in acute care, a writer, speaker and career columnist.

In summary, use the information gained from your research to tailor your application. A cover letter for a new grad RN should have three to four paragraphs.

Your suitability for the position. Do not use the sample document above.

Every employer will have different requirements and conditions, so carefully read and follow the instructions for every position you are applying for. I received excellent grades at university, including the Florence Nightingale Award for my marks in pharmacology.

tppp cover letter

Fully research the employing organisation and the position for which you are applying. Has relevant clinical experience in acute care and emergency ward settings….

tppp cover letter

Express your desire for an interview.