The thesis title and abstract needs to be submitted in the second term of the third year, to enable assignment of internal and external examiners. These considerations also apply, in suitably modified form, to other analogous cases, for example, where a trainee’s thesis builds on the work done by a trainee from a previous year, or where there is a collaboration between a DClinPsy trainee and a PhD student. Theses of trainees who have worked jointly on a project will normally be examined by the same external examiner. Its structure follows the usual research article format, although the length of each section will vary according to the nature of the project, and additional detail may need to be provided in the Method or Results sections or in an Appendix. However, it is possible that candidates may be able to submit their corrections earlier, and indeed the requirements for HPC registration put them under some pressure to get their thesis finally approved. It should also address the limitations of the review, draw any clinical implications and make suggestions for further research that may, by remarkable coincidence, bear considerable similarity to the empirical project reported in the second part of the thesis.

The two copies of Volume 1 will be sent out to the examiners. A thesis which meets the criteria for a pass, but has some weaknesses that are fairly readily correctable. The more important or innovative the topic or method, the more forgivable are shortcomings: Once you have have completed any revisions, had them approved and handed in the hard bound thesis, your access to the library as a UCL student will come to an end. The Method section specifies the inclusion and exclusion criteria for the studies to be reviewed and the search strategy for locating them. Heading formats can depart slightly from APA style e. In arriving at an overall evaluation, examiners will bear in mind that strengths in some areas of the thesis may compensate for weaknesses in others.


Include here any additional material related to the empirical study, or to the other two parts if needed. When theses for joint projects are sent to the external and internal examiners, a covering sheet will be attached, saying that it was a joint project and naming the other trainees that were part of the group.

Margins at the binding edge should be 4cm. You can use a slightly larger font if you wish.

Appendices All appendices are placed at the end of Volume 1. Note that this will ultimately be used by the library to catalogue your thesis, and it will form part of the meta-data that will be seen first by people searching for your thesis.

Resubmissions can be made up to Empirical paper The empirical paper of approximately 8, words not including tables and references reports on your study. The indicative times given next to each correction type i.

Minimal typographical or stylistic errors.

Guidelines for Writing and Presenting the Thesis

Volume 1, the research component of the thesis, has a three-part structure, consisting of a literature review paper, an theeis paper and a critical thesus. Turnitin is being used to promote good academic practice, not to catch students out.

This document explains how to access additional funds for the major research project. Firstly, tests should be removed if their validity would be harmed if they were freely available. The other margins i. The deadlines for the one-month, three-month and one-year resubmissions will be decided at the exam board.

The criterion of acceptability is that the candidate is making a substantial independent contribution to the study.

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The purpose of the viva is for the examiners to understand the candidate’s thinking about the material in the thesis and also to establish their claim to independence of work.

Test are available for reference or short-term loan to course staff and trainees.

ucl dclinpsy thesis

If your research is part of a joint project e. Its structure and content are more flexible than those of the other two parts.


Procedures for submission of joint theses

The more important or innovative the topic or method, the more forgivable are shortcomings: As described above, Volume 2 is separately paginated. Proposal for Research Expenses.

Examinations It is no longer possible for students to apply for extenuating circumstances to be taken into account in advance of taking an examination. Thesis Submission Deferrals Form.

Title and Abstract Form. This form is used to request an extension of longer than one week on the grounds that a practical problem has arisen on placement that means that there is a predictable delay in gathering the clinical material for the report. The structure is as follows:.

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The following text must be specified on the spine – D. Pay meticulous attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation and format: If there is only one appendix, just call it Appendix, with no number. This part of the website provides access to research-related resources, thesid both trainees and their supervisors.

Research Supervisor Appraisal Form. The link below takes you to the section of the training handbook on the SRP Note that the project has recently been renamed as the “service-related project”, but the old name of “service-related research project” may still be found in course documentation.

The regulations state that the length of the research thesis shall be approximately 25, words, with a maximum of 40, words; there is no minimum word count. You will need dcljnpsy own copy which can rclinpsy unbound to bring to the viva.