I focus on different aspects of what happened in his life. Get your paper now. The ugly duckling child who has grown completely now can no longer endure loneliness and difficult life, throws himself in a swan and decides to be killed by these beautiful birds rather than life. In the early 20th century, Ireland’s poet William Butler Yeats was considered valuable as he spoke to us through time, culture and political beliefs. He explores the idea of aging by using a speaker who has been to this same place for nineteen years. In this poem, The Wild Swans at Coole , Yeats explores the theme of the frailty of human life through his speaker.

At that point, everything will change for the speaker. The stanza invented by Yeats begins as a ballad, with alternating lines of tetrameter and trimeter. In this verse the birds are terribly destructive, have sacred power to violate Leda, causing the worst result of war and destruction depicted in the last line. For centuries the dynasty cycle has dominated Chinese culture and collective consciousness. The last two lines with the metaphor of awakening draw an analogy with the death of the author. Stanza four returns the poem to the present scene, and attempts revelation through displacement, describing the swans in terms that are fully meaningful only as contrastive commentary on the speaker:

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When Zhang was born, China has completely changed under the leadership of Mao Zedong. Under the October twilight the water The trees are in their autumn beauty. Jung Chang talks about the story of problematic China dealing with communism through three generations of women, aalysis grandmother, her mother, and herself.


It comes from her favorite poem “Wild Butler’s Wild Swan”. Nor are things in any way extraordinary: According to Munsterberg ‘s movie theory, a movie is a primitive medium because it aesthetically stimulates the sense of the audience.

wild swans at coole analysis essay

For example, author Thomas Hardy prefers to treat lost ideas in various ways in poetry. The poem participates in that genre of nostalgic lyric for which time is the great antagonist: Four syllables in the first line and the three in the second one make the accent of the second line even harder. While he is tied down to earth where there are many cares and worries, they are free to fly, worry-free into the sky.

His music is very beautiful, magnificent, colorful and full of emotional passion. This means that as the traditional Chinese enthusiasts say, she walks like a calm young willow in the spring breeze.

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Something has changed over the years so that the sight of these swans now brings sadness to his heart. Poetic analysis of William Butler, when you are older, there are Innisfree Lake, Coole’s wild swan, second arrival, Byzantine sailing, short story, theater, television program, novels and so on.

wild swans at coole analysis essay

Yuan Yuantan, a SF dancer’s chief dancer, successfully completed one of the most difficult roles in ballet with great confidence with great confidence. The theme of the infinity of the beauty, freedom and the impossibility to stop the time may be obviously seen, too. Sources and citation are provided. My Papa’S Waltz Essays. Zhang’s grandmother eventually continued to raise the brave and independent daughter, Zhang’s mother Dehong, escaping control of Xue general.

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Among wild swans, Jung Chang depicted the lives of three generations of women among her eszay. We will occasionally send you account related emails. Both use different techniques and styles to emphasize these different themes.


One expects a psychological revelation commensurate with the effort of deferral. In fact, she uses it when my parents are not at home.

Focusing on Wild Swans at Coole, discuss the theme of time and change in Yeats.

This contrastive mode of reading is enjoined also by the next line, which is set off by another syntactical anomaly. Nor does the information conveyed by the deferral seem to justify the force of its intrusion; it repeats the scene already described in stanza two, adding only that it too occurred at twilight.

He first came to this place at the age of 19, but he began noticing that he was getting older during this visit. This type of stanza perfectly fits the mood of the poem and makes it heartfelt. The swans embodying Nature relish permanent bliss in comparison to the poet who is bowed down by age and experience.

Commentary on ‘The Wild Swans at Coole’ by W.B. Yeats

The last stanza has the same construction as the rest. In short, he is aware that his life has quickly passed him by, and while nature stays the same, everything else in his life has changed.

The rhythm is not regular and is a method used to draw an analogy with a crying voice. Especially the last ones: