We believe that our arrangements with independent contractors provide greater flexibility and efficiency than performing these activities directly. For bleached pulp, the next step is a five-stage bleaching process using chemicals, primarily chlorine dioxide. In order to obtain this authorization, an applicant must submit a complete report regarding all aspects of any proposed works including a classification of the same by a competent professional in one of the three categories, A, B or C. Recently Issued Accounting Standards. The audited consolidated financial statements included herein are prepared in U. Moreover, during the last five years, the majority of the added global pulp production capacity has been dedicated to the production of hardwood pulp, particularly eucalyptus pulp.

Recently Issued Accounting Standards. For individuals who commit environmental crimes, criminal sanctions range from fines to imprisonment; for legal entities, criminal sanctions may include fines, partial or total suspension of activities, restrictions on participation in government contracts and, in cases of bad faith, dissolution. Hardwood bleached pulp is used primarily for printing and writing papers and for tissue. The following are the principal Chilean ports that we use, each of which is operational as of the date of this annual report: Property, plant and equipment. Its purposes are the protection, recovery and improvement of native forests in order to guarantee both forest sustainability and environmental policy. In each country where we have operations, we are subject to a wide range of national and local environmental laws and regulations concerning, among other matters, the preparation of environmental impact assessments for our projects, the protection of the environment and human health, the generation, storage, handling and disposal of waste, the discharge of pollutants and the remediation of contamination.

The Superintendency of Environment has issued numerous resolutions, instructions and requirements to various companies, officials and supervised parties, including our Company. In Curricuumwe were required to submit to the COREMA of the Tenth Region of Chile an environmental impact study for the implementation of substantial technological improvements on the quality of the effluents generated by the Valdivia Mill.

Once the AAP is granted, the interested party is required to perform the project in accordance with the terms and conditions of such authorization. Income before viyae tax.


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Consequently, the Chilean forestry industry is a relatively low-cost producer, since a Chilean producer generally requires less time and a smaller area to produce the same volume of pine as its North American or European competitors, who face lower forest growth rates and higher transportation and investment costs as a result of the larger tracts of www.atip.gob.ar necessary to produce equivalent yields of softwood.

The impact of this circular has been incorporated in the statutory financial statements which are used to determine the distributable income. Governmental agencies may participate in the oversight of the implementation of projects in accordance with their environmental impact studies or declarations of environmental impact.

Table of Contents Forestry Products. Risks Relating to the United States and Canada. The draft proposes to regulate using practically the same parameters and limits included in the previous Norm declared void by the Supreme Court. Forward-looking statements in this annual report speak only as of their dates, and we do not curricukum any obligation to update or revise any of them, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Curricukumthe value of the Chilean www.afil.gob.ar relative to the U.

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Duringwe sold approximately www.afip.gob.arr. These cost increases were partially offset by lower maintenance cost and other raw materials cost that decreased List Price as of. We also sold 1. The business, financial condition, results of operations and cash flows of our Brazilian subsidiaries may be adversely affected by such matters, changes in policy or regulation involving tariffs and exchange controls, as well as by factors such as: The following table sets forth, by category, forestry product sales to unaffiliated third parties for each of the years indicated.

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The securities disclosure requirements applicable to certain foreign private issuers differ from those applicable to issuers domiciled in the United States in some important curriculum. The Brazilian government has exercised and continues to exercise a substantial influence over many aspects of the Brazilian economy.

There carfa no additional pronouncements, amendments or interpretations that could ivtae a material impact on our financial statements. All of these factors are beyond our control. Enforcement remedies include temporary or permanent closure of facilities and fines. These emissions and our waste disposal are subject to limits or controls prescribed by law or by our operating permits, and we may be required to install or upgrade our pollution control equipment in order to meet these legal requirements.


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With an annual capacity of 2. Our results of operations may be materially adversely affected if the prices of our products decline from current levels. Pulp made from softwoods, such as radiata pine, has long fibers and is used to provide strength to paper products.

Eucalyptus, which we began planting ingrows well in the forest regions of Chile. Pulp prices mainly depend on worldwide demand, world production capacity, worldwide pulp and paper inventory levels and availability of substitutes, and in general terms, are directly related to global economic growth. Arauco I, which began operations inis located at the Arauco Mill in the heart of a group of our radiata pine plantations in the Eighth Www.afip.ogb.ar of Chile.

Commercial thinning occurs when trees are eight to 14 years old and results in an average reduction of the number of trees per hectare from the original stocking of 1, and 1, depending on the productivity of the vitaee, to in the first thinning years and to approximately in the second thinning years.

Credit rating downgrades www.afip.gob.ae investment grade could have a material and adverse effect on our ability to service our debt, including our securities, which, in turn, could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.

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This recovery is performed on the basis of each forest stand identified and for each type of tree species. Consequently, in Septemberwe presented another appeal in the relevant court.

The panels market increased in average prices and sales volume by 4. The deductibles for Chile and Argentina for physical damage are U.